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What is KoinStation?

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The best pricing in the industry, including a free plan. Save money and trade smarter.


Multi-asset Tracking

You have access to live prices of all cryptocurrencies as well as the ability to track other investment assets.


Automatic Portfolio Tracking

Get latest balances from all major crypto wallets and exchange accounts, or simply add the coins to track their value.


Dynamic Tracker

KoinsStation supports DeFi assets on multiple chains like Ethereum, BSC and Polygon.



Helpful resources for when you're just starting out, and for those wanting to go deeper into particular topics.


Capital Gains and Losses

KoinStation uses your cryptocurrency transaction history to compute capital gains and losses.

International Tax Reporting

Generate your crypto gains, losses, and income reports in any currency. These reports can be used to complete the relevant tax forms for your country.

Private API

Gain programmatic access to your portfolios and historical data with our powerful and secure API.

~$ curl https://koinstation.com/api/portfolios/1/converted
  "success": true,
  "time": 1512697998,
  "result": [{
    "currency": "btc",
    "balance": "10.0",
    "balance_at": "2017-11-06T04:54:54+00:00",
    "source": "koinstation"
  }, {
    "currency": "usd",
    "balance": "117753.60",         # e.g. BTC/USD is 11,775.36
    "balance_at": "2017-11-06T04:54:54+00:00",
    "source": "koinstation"

Import From 60+ Exchanges Via API And CSV.

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24/7 trading

Exchange your KSDAO Tokens at any time. No exit fees - your investment is a token!

Blockchain Transparency

Track the value of underlying assets in real time and view KSDAO Token transactions on the blockchain.

Fund Performance

KoinStation provides a way to track the performance of the crypto holdings.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have traded, sold, mined, earned, or used any of your cryptocurrency to pay for services or goods, then you may need to pay taxes on your capital gains.

Airdrops and forks are in general not taxed before you sell the coins later. Cryptocurrency mining is taxed, but different tax rules apply depending on if the activity is classified as a business or just a hobby.

If you have received a warning letter from a tax agency, you need to report your crypto holdings and taxes to avoid potential fines.

Yes, a crypto-to-crypto transaction (trading) is considered a taxable event similar to selling cryptocurrency for fiat currency. Stablecoins such as USDT, USDC, and PAX are also treated similarly to any other cryptocurrency.

Avoiding taxes is both very difficult and not legal. In most countries, tax authorities are now tracking down people who own or have bought bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

KoinStation is a cryptocurrency tax calculator built to simplify and automate the process of calculating your taxes and filing your tax reports.
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Tax Liability

Understand your tax implications as you trade for the year so you are fully prepared what your liability could potentially be for gains or losses.

Order Management

Automatically sync and manage your orders. Understand your market exposure across all your exchanges from a single screen.

Sync Transactions

All your transactions from integrated exchanges synced in one place to see.

Calculate Profit/Loss

Get a clear picture of how your portfolio, as well as individual trades, are performing.

Custom Metrics

Extend KoinStation with custom metrics like Github activity or Google Trends so you can make more informed decisions.

Money Movements

Send, Receive, Transfer balances of like or of different kinds between exchanges with our simple and intuitive interface.

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